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Our patented clean technology process will provide a solution to an existing sustainability problem.

Water… in many areas of the world we literally can’t live with it, none of us can live without it. Thanks for visiting our website here at SOLVAQUA; we are out to change the water people cannot live with. In many areas of the world hydrocarbon extraction, industrial, agricultural and municipal activities have put enormous pressure on freshwater resources and done little to no work to ensure people can “live with the water”. It is estimated that over 80% of wastewater globally is discharged to the environment without treatment. Those numbers climb to over 95% in some developing countries. Those are numbers none of us should be prepared to live with. At SOLVAQUA our team is committed to “solving water problems” and creating our most valuable resource… CLEAN WATER from the stuff no one can live with. Now that is something none of us can live without.

Chris Tesarski, President & CEO
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September 23, 2019

CoResource Solutions Inc. has rebranded, and today becomes solvAQUA, an innovative cross-industry clean water solution company.

According to UNESCO, over 80 percent of wastewater worldwide is released untreated into the environment. In North America, less than 4 percent is reused.

The solvAQUA proprietary process is an effective solution to wastewater management – whether it is water for industrial use, agriculture, and community infrastructure; or it can be for clean, fresh water for reuse.

The solvAQUA process has been tested in the United States, Canada, and Mexico; onshore and offshore. Hundreds of tests have confirmed that our unique nano-polymer process works with oil and gas, industrial, and municipal wastewater streams. Our process reduces the discharge of untreated wastewater, injection of produced water, and trucking of produced water. All reduce impact on the environment and lower operating costs.

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Chris Tesarski, CEO


300, 340 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, AB   T2X 1P1

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Press Release
We Are Global

We are global.

Solvaqua has three international offices and ongoing projects around the world!




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It is estimated that well over 80% of wastewater worldwide is released into the environment without treatment.

We can change this together.

Canadian Office
300, 340 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, Alberta T2X 1P1

Mexico Office
CPaseo de la Reforma 2654, 9th Floor
Miguel Hidalgo Delegation, Col.
Lomas Aitas, 11950 Mexico City, DF